Ochsner Health: Security Infrastructure Upgrade

Ochsner Health faced the need to enhance the security infrastructure of their recently acquired LSU Health Systems in the north Louisiana area. Jett Business Systems was chosen as the partner to replace and modernize the entire security camera system over a period of several years. Collaborating closely with the security and facilities departments, we successfully replaced over 500 cameras within a span of approximately three years. This endeavor involved navigating through numerous sterile areas and ongoing construction projects for major renovations.

To ensure optimal functionality, a server-based network specifically designed to support the new cameras was devised and implemented. This network featured weeks of storage capacity and a comprehensive backup system, effectively eliminating any potential downtime.

The effectiveness of the upgraded security system became evident when a critical incident occurred on campus—an active shooter situation. Thanks to the network of cameras, the assailant's actions were captured on video, providing vital evidence for his subsequent prosecution.

It is worth noting that these security enhancements were carried out amidst the challenging circumstances of the Covid lockdowns and mandates affecting patients, vendors, and employees alike.