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6 Reasons Why Document Automation Makes Your Business More Efficient

What is document automation?

Document automation is as simple as it sounds: it automates the process of producing various documents on a large scale. Document automation ...

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Unless your campus has upgraded your security cameras and associated hardware recently, chances are you aren’t NDAA-compliant.

A troubling uptick of violence and aggression is already putting pressure on school, university, and hospital security teams and campus police to improve their security postu...

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4th Annual Feed The Cops and Feed The Fire Event

The 4th annual FEED THE COPS & FEED THE FIRE took place June 28-29, 2023. Started by owner Tim Jett in 2020, FEED THE COPS is an annual outreach opportunity to honor and show support for law enforcement across Shreveport and Bossier Parishes with a meal.


Last year, over 500 law enforcement ...

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