6 Reasons Why Document Automation Makes Your Business More Efficient

What is document automation?

Document automation is as simple as it sounds: it automates the process of producing various documents on a large scale. Document automation ...

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Unless your campus has upgraded your security cameras and associated hardware recently, chances are you aren’t NDAA-compliant.

A troubling uptick of violence and aggression is already putting pressure on school, university, and hospital security teams and campus police to improve their security postu...

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4th Annual Feed The Cops and Feed The Fire Event

The 4th annual FEED THE COPS & FEED THE FIRE took place June 28-29, 2023. Started by owner Tim Jett in 2020, FEED THE COPS is an annual outreach opportunity to honor and show support for law enforcement across Shreveport and Bossier Parishes with a meal.


Last year, over 500 law enforcement ...

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The Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Access Control Systems
Access control systems are crucial to building security, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas. However, traditional access control systems can be complicated and costly to maintain, which is why many businesses are turning to cloud-hosted access control systems for their sec...
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