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23. 23 | P a g e

25. 25 | P a g e

33. 33 | P a g e T o see how the barcode will be printe d , select File > Print and t he preview of the badge w ill be displayed. Since the preview is generated outside t he container, t he barcode vendor is able to render the barcode correctly.

45. 45 | P a g e

18. 18 | P a g e Date / Time Formats

7. 7 | P a g e

14. 14 | P a g e Click the Format button and the f ollowing window appears.

21. 21 | P a g e By selecting Static Image, a Browse button becomes enabled. Click the Browse button and navigate to the static image to add to the badge.

2. 2 | P a g e Table of Contents 1. Installation a. Connected b. Disc onnected 2. File Tab 3. Home Tab a. Text Field i. Value Modifiers 1. Insert 2. Length 3. Remove 4. Remove 5. Replace 6. Substring 7. Substring 8. ToLower 9. ToUpper 10. Trim ii. Date / Time Format iii. Number Format b. Image c. Variable Im age d. Line e. Rectangle f. Barcode i. Epic Barcode g. Magstripe 4. Format Tab 5. Opening and Saving a Design a. Connected Mode b. Disconnected Mode 6. Appe ndices a. Appendix A: Exporting Database Fields in Management Console for use in BadgePass Studio

5. 5 | P a g e This is where you begin designing your new badge.

12. 12 | P a g e It will s how up on the car d template like the image below:

41. 41 | P a g e You can have multiple design screens open. They will each have a tab that you can click on.

24. 24 | P a g e Click on the button to the right of the Trigger Field’s textbox ( ). This will open the Trigger Field window showing all the fields available to be used as a T rigger Field.

10. 10 | P a g e You can also combine s tatic and variable information in the Output box.

17. 17 | P a g e Ex: A string with a value of “ George “ would change to “George”

1. 4. 5 Studio User ’ s Manual

22. 22 | P a g e Variable Image Field Variable Image allows for a group of images to be included , each with an associated value, only one of which will be printed during print depending on which image’s value is correct for the given entity being printed. On th e Home tab, click Variable Image . This will open the Variable Image window.

31. 31 | P a g e Visitor Barcode is only enabled if the entity type is a Visitor. The Visitor Ba rcode is u sed by the auto check out feature found in the Visitor Manager module. Click on the Barcode icon and select the barcode type you want to add to the badge. The Barcode Data window will appear . This window is just like the Text Field Data window. Add static and variable information to the Output box. Add sample data to the sample data area. Format variable information as desired.

37. 37 | P a g e To add a Magstripe field to the card, click o n the Magstripe icon . T he following window will appear:

38. 38 | P a g e You can add variable or static data to each track . Keep in mind that Track 1 follows IATA Magstripe rules, track 2 follows A BA Magstripe rules and track 3 fol lows TTS Magstripe rules . Click in the desired mag track box and enter the data that you want to encode . When finished, c lick the OK button . . Format Tab

26. 26 | P a g e Double click on the field to be used as the Trigger Field. This will close the Trigger Field window and return to the Variable Image window with the Trigger Field set and indicated in the Trigger Field’s textbox. Bellow the Trigger Fiel d is an Add button. This button adds an Image / Trigger Value pair. There is also a delete button which will delete all the selected Image / Trigger Value pairs. NOTE: To select an Image / Trigger Value pair, check the corresponding checkbox located at th e beginning of the respective Image / Trigger Value pair row. Add an Image / Trigger Value pair for each Trigger Field supported. Each Image / Trigger Value pair has a browse button and a Trigger Value textbox. Browse for the image for the Image / Trigger Value pair’s Image. Type in the value for the Image / Trigger Value pair’s Trigger Value.

13. 13 | P a g e To add static text, single click on the text icon and type the text in the Text Field box and click the OK button . Variable Information can be formatted. For example, the employee’s last name migh t be Smith, but can be formatted such that it is printed in all caps and appears on the badge like SMITH. To format variable information, select it in the Output box. This will cause the Format button to become enabled.

27. 27 | P a g e Click OK button when done. Line To add a line to the badge , click on the Line icon . The line will show up on the card template . To change the attributes of th e line click on the F ormat (see an explanation of the Format tab) tab with the line highlighted.

4. 4 | P a g e File Tab After you install the BadgePass Studio and run the program yo u will get the following screen: Click on the F ile tab and yo u will see the following screen:

42. 42 | P a g e Disconnected Mode When BadgePass Studio is installed in D isconnected M ode , there will be different choices in the File t ab menu.

20. 20 | P a g e Image Field To add an image field to the badge click o n the Image Field icon . T he following window will appear: The left lists the image types that can be printed on the badge. Static Image is an image that does not change no matter who the badge is being printed for. The other items (such as Photo) are images that are images associated with the entity being printed. For images other than static images, what shows up in Studio is the woman’s placeholder image. This image will be replace by the entities image of that type during print.

19. 19 | P a g e The Date / Time Formats convert your date value to the specified format . See the examples next to each format for an explanation . Number Formats The Number Formats convert your numeric values to the specified format.

35. 35 | P a g e Next, you will b e presented with an Epic Registration Code window . Here you will be required to enter your Epic Registration Code you obtained in order for the barcode to be added to the design . Below is an image of this window: Also on this window is a checkbox lab eled Send to EPIC Data Server . I t is recommended that is option is always selected . By selecting this option, whenever an entity is saved in Identity Manager and the badge associated with said entity has an Epic Barcode , then the barcode’s data is transmit ted to the EPIC Data Server.

44. 44 | P a g e To import the d atabase fields , click on Import Db Fields in the menu . Navigate to the location of the BadgePass.bpe file that was export ed from the BadgePass M anagement C onsole and click O pen . Now when you create a badge design you will see the database fields:

9. 9 | P a g e You can use variable text ( data from a database field ) , static data or a combination of both type s here . To add variable data just double click on the dat abase field in the left column . When you add the field to the Output b ox the buttons in - between the two columns become highlighted . The arrows will add or takeaway fields from the output box . The F ormat button allows you to add formatting elements to the field in the output box and the D ate button adds the system date to the field when the badge is being printed. To add static values to the field simply type the value in the Output box.

34. 34 | P a g e E pic Barcode With the release of BadgePass 3.1, the BadgePass Studio has been updated to include a new barcode format: the Epic Barcode . The Epic Barcode can be ad ded to all entity type designs, except for Visitor . Additionally, it is added to a design just like any other barcode type. To add an Epic Barcode, begin by clicking on the Barcode icon in the ribbon menu and selecting Epic Barcode:

29. 29 | P a g e Click on the A dvanced button to manually change the color settings . You can also set the transparency of the fill color of the line by changing the Alpha settings. HSL is where you can change the Hue, Saturation and Lightness. C YMK is where you will change the CYMK color settings.

15. 15 | P a g e The first thin g you see is the variable information the formats will be applied to. The area below that (which is empty right now), show s the list of formats that have been added . The last tabbed area shows the different types of formats that can be a dded . Note that more than one format can be applied to any given variable information. This is why there is a list of formats that have been added. The formats will be applied in the order they are listed using the result of the previously applied format as the input for the next format. Use the Plus and Minus buttons to move the formats up and down. The various types of formats that can be applied are Value Modifiers , Date / Time Formats , and Number Formats . NOTE: All in dex values are 0 based meaning they start at 0 not 1. Value Modifiers

11. 11 | P a g e This would output a value similar to: This Badge be longs to George Smith. To add a name field, with the first and last name together, just double click the First Name field in the Database Fields column, press the space bar then double click the Last Name in the Database Fields column.

36. 36 | P a g e Below is an example of an Epic Barcode that has been added to a design: Just like all of the other barcode formats, by clicking on the Format tab (after selecting the Epic Barcode ) you can adjust Common properties such a s Location , Size , Rotation , Z Order . D epending on the barcode type , you can adjust Barcode properties such as B ackground C olor, Show Text , Aspect Ratio, and Density. Magstripe When designing a card, a Magstripe can only be add ed to the back of a card design . A s such this icon will only be enabled while you are working on the back of a card design . To work with the backside of the card, click on the word F ron t in the design area tab . When clicked, the value will change to Back showing that you are working with the back side of th e card.

28. 28 | P a g e You can set the Location , Size , Rotation and Z order in the C ommon are a of the ribbon . You can set the color in the Line area of the ribbon . Click on t he color icon.

6. 6 | P a g e First you will need to name the badge design, to do so simply type the name you wish to use in the Name field . Set your badge S ize , O rientation and select the En tity T ype . The entity type is the entity within BadgePass (ex: Employee, Visitor, Person1 , 2, 3 ) . Then click the Create button .

32. 32 | P a g e You can set the Location , Size , Rotation and Z Order in the Common area of the ribbon . Additionally, (depending on the barcode type), whether the barcode ’ s data shows up in a human readable format, the background c olor, the aspect ratio of the barcode and the density of the barcode can be set in the Barcode area of the ribbon. Density is only available if the aspect ratio is set to none. Otherw ise density is set internally by the barcode builder. N ote that i f you se t the aspect ratio to none to manually set density, the barcode will NOT appear on the canvas as it will when it is printed . When the barcode is placed on the canvas ( as with any design item) it is put inside of con tainer that allows you to move / resize / and rotate the design item. A fter m uch e ffort, we were told by the third party vendor we use to generate the barcodes that since t hey cou ld get it to work o utside the container , that the y were closing the support ticket . Below is how a Code 128 looks on the canvas with the aspect ratio set to none and the density set to .3.

46. 46 | P a g e Appendices Appendix A: Exporting Database Fields in Management Console for use in BadgePass Studio To export the databas e fields from the M anagement C onsole for use with BadgePass Studio do the following: - O pen the M anagement Console and navigate to BadgePass System - > Database . - Next, c lick on Browse button under Export Settings region and select a location to save the Badge Pass.bpe file to. - Once you have chosen all settings that you would like to export, click the Export Settings button

43. 43 | P a g e The Disconnected Mode gives you the ability to Import existing badge designs . Also, y ou can Import Database Fields . By i mporting the database fields you are able to add database fields to the b adge design , even while in D isconne cted M ode . To import a badge design c lick on Import in the menu and n avigate to the location of the .xps file and click Open . After editing the design, click on S ave to save the changes to the file . Because t his action will overwrite the file it is suggested that you make a backup of the original file, just in case you make an error or need to revert back in the future .

40. 40 | P a g e When you are done with your design click on the File tab and click S ave . To open an existing design, click on the F ile tab, click on O pen , choose th e design from the Designs drop down list and click the O pen button . Connected Mode When you save a design and are in C onnected M ode , the designs are automatically save d to the BadgePass Suit e . You can find them in the BadgePass M anagement C onsole un der Badge Management - > Badges.

3. 3 | P a g e Installation BadgePass Studio is where all badge des igns are done for the BadgePass Identity Manager and Visitor M an ager badges. Run the installer and follow the prompts . BadgePass S tudio can be loaded in either Connected or Dis connected mode . You will be prompted during the install process to choose which way you want to install it. Connected This optio n ins talls the BadgePass Studio where by it is linked to the BadgePass database . All the badge designs are automatically saved to the BadgePass suite. Disconnected This option installs the BadgePass Studio where by it will operate independent from the BadgePa ss database . You can design badges and then import them into the BadgePass suite via the BadgePass M anagement C onsole .

8. 8 | P a g e Home Tab The Home tab is where you add fields to the badge design . The available fields are: Text F ield , Image , Variable Image , Line , Rectangle , Barcode and Magstripe . It should be noted that t he Magstripe field will only be highlighted if you are working on the back of a card design . To see the back of the card click on F ront in the design area tab . The value wil l change to B ack showing that you are working with the backside of the card. When you create fields on the card you will see a rotation handle on top of the field . This is u sed to rotate the field box . O n each corner of the field box t here are resize ha ndles that c an be use d to change the size of the box . A lso , there is a red number below the box - this is the Z order of the box on the template. Te x t Field To add a text field to the card design just single click o n the Text Field icon . T he followi ng window will appear:

39. 39 | P a g e To change attributes on a Text F ield , Image , Variable Image , Line , Rectang le or Barcode , highlight the particular item and click on the Format tab at the top. The Format tab allows you to s et the Location , Size , Rotation and Z Order . These are found in the Common area of the ribbon . In th e example above we see what would b e present on the Format tab when hav ing selected a Text Field . Additionally, depending on the type of item you have selected on the b adge design, there will be another section on the ribbon bar that allows you adjust other item - type - specific properties . Our example above sh ows a Text Field section where y ou can set v arious font properties and overflow properties . Opening and Saving a Design

30. 30 | P a g e Both Image and Variable have a border overlay . You can adjust the thickness of the border from the Format ribbon tab . You must only have one item selected and it must be an image or variable image f or this option to be available. Rectangle To add a rectangle to the card design, click on the Rectangle icon . The rectangle wil l show up on the card template . To change the attributes of the rectangle click on the F ormat tab with the rectangle h ig hlighted . On this tab y ou can set the Location , Size , Rotation and Z Order in the Common area of the ribbon . In the Rectangle area of the ribbon, the W eight , Outline color and Fill color can be set as well . Barcode There are 9 barcode formats availab le : Epic Barcode , Visitor Barcode , Code 128 Barcode , Code 39 Barcode , MaxiCode Barcode , PDF 417 Barcode , QR Barcode, Interleave 2 Of 5 Barcode, and Data Matrix Barcode .

16. 16 | P a g e Insert This modifier w ill insert a specific value starting at a spec i fic column within a substring. Ex: T he value of “ George ” with the following Insert format Will produce “GeoAr ga”. Length This modifier w ill count the number of characters in the string and re turn the literal numeric v alue. Ex: The value of “George” will output the number “6”. Remove This modifier w ill remove all characters to the right starting at the index (c olumn ) . Ex: With an index value of 3 the output of “George” would be “Geor” Remove This modifier w ill remove all characters to the right starting at the <Start index > (column) up to the number of characters specified in the <count> field. Ex: With an inde x value of 1 and a length of 2 the value “George” would be “Gege”. Replace This modifier w ill replace all occurrences of the <old value> with the <new value>. Ex: An <old value> of ‘e’ and a <new value> of ‘A’ and the field value of “George” would output “GAorgA” Substring This modifier w ill left truncate the field starting at the index value. Ex: A <Start Index > of 3 and a field value of “George” would output “ge” . Substring This modifier w ill left truncate the field starting at the index value up to t he number of characters specified in the <length> field. Ex: A <Start Index> of 1 and a <length> of 2 with a field value of “George” would output “Grge” ToLower This modifier w ill convert the entire field to lower case. Ex: A string with a value of “G e orge ” would change to “george” ToUpper This modifier w ill convert the entire field to upper case. Ex: A string with a value of “ G eorge” would change to “GEORGE” Trim This modifier w ill remove all the spaces before the field as well as all trailing s paces.


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